Advancing in Education

We want to assist current students with their academics. This will be in the form of providing extra classes where they can gain a better understanding on a certain subject or they can attend our learning skills classes where students can gain skills on HOW to learn. These skills taught will vary depending on students’ needs and will be applicable to various subjects. 

Packages and Rates

The following options are available:

  • Individual classes
  • Group classes

These classes can be provided on a face to face or online basis.
All lessons at the student’s location, will be subject to a Travel charge.

A trial lesson will be available, which is payable upfront.
Thereafter, lesson packages can be purchased as follows:

  • 5, 10 (5% discount) or 15 (10% discount) lessons
  • 50% Deposit payable beforehand; outstanding amount payable after 30 days
  • Purchased classes are valid for 6 months from payment date.
  • Terms and conditions apply

Different tutors are provided by Mastering It to give extra classes to students.

  • Hourly rates apply for 1-on-1 classes
  • Assessments available and included within Study Skills courses (3 sessions) & workshops (4 hours). 
  • 1 assessment lesson available (payable upfront), after which lesson packages are available:
      • 5, 10 (5% discount) or 15 (10% discount) lessons
      • 50% Deposit payable beforehand; outstanding amount payable after 30 days
      • Terms and Conditions apply
  • Study Skills resources (HOW TO STUDY book) sold separately as well or included when purchasing a Study Skills course or workshop.
  • Group classes & Packages available as well.
  • We do advise getting the HOW TO STUDY book in complement to these services. (See ‘Resources’ section above)
  • Different skills will be discussed per class, homework will be given and practical study skill techniques will be applied during sessions. 
  • Please refer to Extra Classes rates and Packages.
  • Grade 1 – 4 learners

We provide training in the following subjects:


Science, Maths & Accounting Classes - Every holiday period!

Come and join us to revise on previous work. We make use of qualified teachers to help you.
This is a great time to catch up on work that you’ve fallen behind with or to put in the extra effort in order to excel in the end of the year!

We look at:

  • Working through Theory and Examples
  • Past exam papers
  • Questions and Answer sessions
  • Study Techniques where applicable

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Mastering It supports and have the following quality resources available for you: 

  • How to study books
  • Subliminal CDs
  • Discover You book (available directly from the writer)
  • Question and Answer series (available at PNA)
How to Study Textbook
HOW TO STUDY gives practical tips and ideas, to be applied in order to spend less time for better results in your Academics. A user-friendly Study tool for Primary and High School students. Even Adult students will benefit as Francois unpacks the basics of Study Techniques. This Book touches on topics such as Memory, Test preparation, How to do summaries and Time Management. It might even make it more fun to study! Available in Afrikaans & English - R80/book.
How to Study CD
"SUBLIMINAL CD’s contain positive statements or affirmations concealed in beautiful music. Although you won’t consciously hear any spoken words on the CD’s, the messages are perceived by your subconscious mind where they work to cancel negative, self-limiting beliefs and replace them with new positive thoughts. Once you free yourself of the self-defeating beliefs that have held you back, you’ll see your life changing for the better." - R279/CD.
Discover You, How To Study and Excel in School
DISCOVER YOU Books - "Living life in survival mode is the norm but it is not how it is suppose to be. A Life of Purpose is yours for the taking and understanding who you are and how you fit into the world is key. How you think directly influences the paths you take and your future outcomes. This Book will challenge how you see yourself. Empowering you to take back your future so that you can live a life that makes a difference as you Dicover You." - Available directly from seller, from R100.

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