Ambitions in Life

We have come to the realisation that not all individuals are equipped with all the tools in life. We want to use these life services for people to invest in themselves in various ways – either by attending our workshops in a group setting or booking one-on-one sessions with our Life Coaches to discuss more specific aspects of life.

Life Skill Workshops

Many people lack basic skills in life, ranging from changing a tyre to making big financial decisions.

Many different people is equipped in different areas of life, once again ranging from photography, finances, growing plants or making your own bookshelf.

Life skill workshops will include workshops presented by different people, wanting to share their skills, hobbies and knowledge with other people.

Rates and time slots per workshop will vary according to workshop facilitators.

We are excited to host you and have you learn with us!

Please visit our 'Facebook event page' or our 'Scheduled Itinerary' to get specific dates and details on each of our workshops. 

Or make contact with Maryke Jooste – 072 372 4353.
See you there!

Packages and Rates

Sessions can be booked with our different Life Coaches in order to receive coaching in a specific field.

  • Rates are to vary upon discretion of Life Coach and Mastering It.
  • 1 trial session available (payable upfront), after which session packages are available:
      • 5, 10 (5% discount) or 15 (10% discount) sessions
      • 50% Deposit payable beforehand; outstanding amount payable after 30 days

Terms and Conditions apply

Contact us to find out more about our workshops and relevant details/rates.

Alternatively, browse our Facebook Page for more information and updates on current workshops. See you there!

  • Making decisions in life are required from all of us. From small to big – what to wear or eat today, what University to go to, what Career paths and opportunities to consider and more…! This can be a daunting task. But when you KNOW yourself well, these decision making tasks becomes easier.
  • With our NBI Brain profiles you can do just that – get a holistic picture of yourself! Determine whether you are right or left brain oriented and identify the accompanying strengths and weaknesses to those brain profiles as well.
  • Results can be used to base Career decisions on to some degree.


  1. Package 1 – Includes online test & feedback report.
  2. Package 2 – Includes online test, feedback report & feedback session.
  3. Package 3 – Includes online test, feedback report, feedback session & follow up session.

The test will take 1-2 hours to complete online.

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